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We love knowing that our products make your little ones smile!

We were selling our letters and peg dolls via our Facebook page long before we got the website set up… So if you’re looking to read a little more about what others think of you, there’s only one page you need to see…

Our Company

It’s probably a little weird to refer to yourself as a “company” when the majority of what you do is effectively colouring in on your couch, but I’ll go with it…

My name is Chloe and I am, I guess, the face behind Letters Be Crafty. Nice to meet you and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Chloe and Sophie Letters Be Crafty about page

Like most things, the idea for the business grew out of the fact that I wanted a set of princess letters to finish of Sophie’s bedroom. I couldn’t get my hands on exactly what I wanted and the designs I did find were either laughably poor or ridiculously expensive. So I decided to just make my own.

It seemed like a sensible, cost-effective way to achieve my desired result so I ordered the various bits and bobs online and got to work. As it so happened, I am a natural at painting with paint pens and I was pretty pleased with they way they turned out.

I wasn’t necessarily planning on making any more but then Lockdown happened. I was furloughed and a few people had casually asked about the letters when I shared my DIY triumph on Facebook. So I thought, why not? At the very least, I could just carry on until the paint pens ran out…

And, well, it took off, didn’t it. The letters were hugely popular and I very quickly had more orders than I could cope with.

The rest, they say, is (still fairly recent) history! Orders keep coming in, I’ve got a pretty decent range of designs to offer and I’m slowly but surely expanding my product lines.

I’m back at work, but it’s a soft play centre and things aren’t quite as busy as they were before Covid hit. It’s fair to say I do a lot of multi-tasking with a paint pen stuck behind my ear! 

I really love designing the letters and peg dolls and the feedback I’ve had so far has been amazing. I try and keep my prices as low as possible because I know that most of my customers are in exactly the same position as me: they have an image in their head of what they want but they can’t find it or they can’t afford to pay silly money. It’s enormously satisfying to be able to make their ideas a reality and I really get a buzz out of knowing people appreciate something that I’ve created! 

I think that’s probably it for the story so far but I’ve got lots up my sleeve so I’d definitely suggest watching this space! But in the meantime, I’ve got a two year old to entertain…

Thanks for stopping by!

Chloe x

p.s A quick update – my boss kindly let me set up a small shop area in the lobby at work! That officially counts as premises, baby!

Letters Be Crafty shop area

Interested? See the full range!

We’ve got a huge range of hand-painted letters, peg dolls and combo frames, all with original (often bespoke) designs. And the best part? They’re mostly customisable, too!

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